Hate crime “POC to POC”

5577DA17-ABCF-4005-9B70-481C9D803E12.jpegTopic about racism/ hate crime

I just had a craziest Lyft ride. I shared the ride with 2 black person (I don’t like this work but I’m using it only for a  describing purpose) and here is our conversation through out the ride. I know this is a sensitive topic but made me think about a lot of things.

Co-rider 1(Black gay or bi male): Hi (From the back of the car)

Me: Hi.

Co-rider 1: I said HI! Say hi bitch! Ugh! So weird!

Me: I can hear you. I said hi.

Co-rider 2(Black female): You ain’t talking to us because we are black.

Me: Excuse me?

Co-rider 1: CHING👏🏻CHONG👏🏻CHANG👏🏻

Me: That is unnecessarily. Get off the car if you don’t like me.

Co-rider 2: OMG what are you Oprah?! Wait no she’s Chinese.. hmm they don’t got one like Oprah.

Me: I am not Chinese and even if I was, SO WHAT? Ching Chong Chang is a racist thing to say.


Me: Doesn’t matter who you are or where you are heritages are from, calling me “Ching Chong Chang” is the same thing as me calling you with “N” word. Now how do you feel.

Co-rider 1: Go suck your tiny Asian dick you fucking punk.

Me: Why don’t YOU go do that. Bye👋🏻 *Me finishing my ride*

Co-rider 1: Ugh! I already do plenty of that anyway. You racist bitch. Wakanda forever. I’m so glad I’m Black you ain’t even got a marvel movie about you people.

Why do you speak anything to anyone just based on your assumptions or stereo types?
What can’t we just live without talking or caring about our color differences? Especially when we are both what people call “minorities”(Which I don’t believe in that word either). Shouldn’t we be helping each other out of this racism? Why can’t human be just human?

It’s sad to see hate crimes aren’t just person of color<->non-person of color (I hate these definitions by the way. I don’t see any different between “colored person” and “person of color” you just literary flipped the order.) thing.
Please stop. It makes me want to peel my skin off.

I am non-binary in my race.

I am not a “POC”

I am not “Ethnic”

I am just a human just like you are too



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