10 free apps that I can’t live without

I’m introducing you guys my top 10 free apps along with some beneficial invite codes!

1. Instagram (obviously…!) $0

Instagram for me is an all in one app. I find out about news updates, trends and I even learn some new skills from tutorial posts! Photo editor isn’t the best, but I am absolutely in love with their hand-written esque pen and new rainbow face filter! Depending on how you post what kind of pictures, Instagram has infinity possibilities. I see my feed as an artistic gallery. Follow me at http://Instagram.com/RiRiaOfficial

2. UNUM $0

This app allows you to plan on your Instagram feed in advance and tells you account analytics. You get to try out what your new posts would look like on you feed before posting. Must have app for those who wants a perfect feed!

3. Freebirds (Currently on Beta) $0

This is a life changing app for those who goes out a lot. This app will cash you back your Uber rides when you visit participated (you will be surprised how many are participated already) restaurants, bars, clubs and some coffee shops and pay the tabs with a connected card. I received about $90 cash backs in a week! The app is on their beta ver. Text “RIRIA” to 32473 for download.

4. VSCO $0

Best of the best photo editing app that is FREE. There are many filter options categorized by the mood. Love how I can save the edits without losing the image size. Here is the side by side picture of an image which I edited by only using VSCO. Pretty amazing huh?

5. Uber/ Lyft $0

I know it’s quite rare in LA but I do not drive. Or let me rephrase it. I don’t know how to drive. So I used to take public transportations but they are no better than where I’m from, Tokyo. Uber/Lyft has been saving my ass. Honestly considering how much it costs by owning a car, ride share can be cheaper especially when you use it with “Freebird” app. I know y’all got the app already but if not join with my invite code.

Uber: “RIRIAN”. Lyft: “RIRIA002669”

6. Depop $0

For this crazy shopaholic, it has been the best app to shop some of the most unique pieces AND sell when I’m bored of them. There are many shop/sell apps out there but this one’s got my love. Price ranges are various but I find everything for 50-60% off of the original.

7. Surkus $0

Do you like going to exclusive and high end events? Surkus is your plug! Once you fill out your profile, they will start inviting you to events like album release parties, wine tastings and playboy mansion parties if you are lucky. And you might get paid to attend some venues! They are active on cities like Los Angels, NY, Miami, Chicago and Hong Kong at this moment. Use my invite code “VXYRP” to get your first $5!

8. Spotify $0

Music is what feeds my soul the most. My mood incorporates with different genre of tracks. I’ve tried Apple Music, amazon music and pandora so far, but Spotify has been the best at suggesting the music I want to hear based on my library. I am planning to share you guys my playlists in near future. My anthem right now is Simple Thing by Miguel. What’s yours?

9. Postmate $0

Not feeling to cook neither go out to eat? You can order your favorite dishes without stepping out your door mat with postmate. Delivery fees are various within the range of $0 to $5 but their customer support is really quick and legit. Use my code “TCKIH” to receive $10 delivery credit!

10. Everyday $0

This is an app to track your face everyday and make a compilation video out of them. Terrible at remembering taking the picture everyday? No problem, you can set a reminder! I started using this app in 2015. I got 2 years worth of my face on it so far. It’s fun to see some changes in hair, makeup and style of clothes over the years. I especially recommend this app for parents out there to track their kids faces!

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