I am an actor, not an actress

I am an actor, not an actress

Have you ever wondered why we name some jobs by gender? Waiter and waitress, host and hostess, hero and heroine… Actor and actress is one of the example too. In fact, I usually introduce myself as an “actor”.
“You mean an actress, because you are a girl?” People has a lot to say about my “preference”. For whom it may concern, here is the answer.

(A gamgsta water factor worker I played in a music video for legends, De La Soul &a Snoop Dogg)

First of all, let me state this clearly. I AM NOT A FEMINIST. I am satisfied with my position in the society and have never needed to ask/ fight for my right because I am a woman. If anything I am an everything-ist. I want world to be one. Just like my hero, Michael Jackson had dreamed of. Don’t we all want it although?

That’s why I don’t want the world to separate job names by gender. However, there is another strong reason why I don’t use the word “actress”.

My current goal as an actor is to kill ANY character I play. Harajuku girl, super hero, drug addict to a gore monster. Something you wouldn’t imagine this tiny Japanese girl can play. Just like that good looking Bill Skarsgard from “IT”. I honestly don’t even limit my characters to females. As a matter of fact, I have played a gender fluid characters.

(From the Michael McGuirk’s film “The Sun’s Shadow-2017. I played a lead character “The Moon” who is gender unspecified.)

I want to be the first Oscar winner to go beyond the gender. One of my favorite actor Eddie Redmayne has been the closet example when he was nominated to the Oscar for his perform in The Danish Girl.

I feel lucky that I was born in the world which I can speak up about my preferences and many would support my thoughts. Hollywood is a tough place but I enjoy going up these stairs which connect to the grand red carpet.

(A harajuku themed murder girl I played in a music video for “Giraffe tongue orchestra”)

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