BTS “Nail The Look” -Snapchat discover reality show

(OMG mom, my face is bigger than Taylor Swift's! Probably in real life too…)

Did you know that Snapchat has its own reality show now?! AND you see this familiar face on it. It is called "Nail The Look" hosted by Kate Hudson's celebrity stylist, Sophie Lopez. It premiered on 9/7 and you can watch as many time as you want with this LINK!

Fashion is my passion since the day one. It's the fastest and easiest way to show who I am and what mood I'm in. I was so happy to be a part of the show and was able to show you guys my style. I'm from Tokyo, where the fashion state HARAJUKU is at, so I'm all about the colors.

However, I wasn't always the colorful one. Until around 2013, I was into EMO culture and I was only dressing in black. What changed my life was when I bleached my hair blonde (I will write another blog about it soon…) and it definitely opened me up to dress in more options. I love how colors brightened up my life.

While following some trends, my style is unique and never falls into one category. I could be Japanese Lady Gaga yesterday, a 70s skater girl today and a London punk rocker tomorrow. I get my inspirations from everywhere. It could be tropical birds to a unique building.

But of course I have some fail days too.

I have days that I can't decide what to wear and change 50 times before going out. And most of the time, I end up with the first pick… So for me, styling is intuition.

One more thing, I never dress to impress for someone. I have such unique style that some people (mostly guys) flinch out. But I don't care. How I dress is who I am. If they don't like my style then they are probably not the people I want to hang out with.
Dress to make yourself happy. It's the best therapy for me.

Subscribe to the show with this snapcode!

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