St. Lucia journal

I 👏🏻 love 👏🏻 my 👏🏻 job 👏🏻!
I recently had an opportunity to visit St. Lucia, a tiny Caribbean island, for a reality TV filming. All paid trip to a beautiful tropical island. Actually, can you pinch me? Because I might have been in my dream.

I remember I used to own this cute Lisa Frank travel journal with a tiny lock. Yes, I'm a 90s baby. 10 years later, I'm on the plane, typing up this journal on my phone.

August 28th
Woke up at 5:30AM, in my suit and a brief case, headed to USCIS office to grab a last minute immigration document for my trip. I'm never a fan of government offices. Everybody is looking too serious and full of hate. But I don't mind. Because today is one of the most flattering day of my life. My first over sea filming is coming to life!

Sipping on my smoothie, I applied a henna tattoo on my left hand to feel some island babe vibes. I'm not tryna copy RihRih (Rihanna) although. By the time I finished packing, I was ready to take a nap. My flight is at 12:30am tonight… Postmates-ed my dinner to-go and took off to LAX. I ran into some of the casts for the show. We are gonna be sharing this amazing experience together. I'm sure we will be tied with strong bond by the end of this filming.

August 29th
Rise and shine! Arrived in Miami for a transit. We were on board by 11am but apparently there was a problem on the air craft. We had to get off the plane and now our new boarding time is 1:30pm…. it's been 12h since I left home. Journey continues.

15h later, finally arrived to the paradise. Hopping on the shuttle with some cold beers. We have 1.5 more hour to go. Cars are driven on the left here. Reminded me of Japan. Driving up from south west edge to north east edge. The sunset is around 6:30pm on this island. By the time we got to the hotel, it was completely dark out. My legs are swelling like balloons. Good thing we have 2 days before first the shoot day. Surprisingly, dinner was Indian style which I'm a big fan of. We headed to the resort after and grabbed the islanders favorite, Rum-punch. The full bottle of rum is $10 here. Yo Ho Yo Ho a pirates life for me.

August 30th
Woohoo I got a day off. Headed to the resort and tried a paddle board for some pictures. Ocean can't be clearer than this. Unfortunately, it was too cloudy to catch the the sunset.

Everybody is so turned up here all the time. It's Wednesday but the clubs we hit was ready to party. Only thing I was disappointed was that they only play American/ British music. I wanted to dance on some St. Lucian music!

August 31st
My last day of August brought me some life changing experience. I hopped on a water taxi to go to Pigeon island and took a small hike up. Breath taking view was waiting for me. 360 view of blue ocean and forever straight horizon. It's almost hard to believe that the earth is round.

(FYI this picture was taken on iPhone 7plus color corrected with VSCO app)

I attempted to snorkel but my experience in Hawaii has still been the best. I took it easy and called for the day.

September 1st
First day of filming! Started our day on the beach and played some beach games. After 8h on the beach with SPF70 sunscreen, I went darker than ever. Got this natural glow on me now.

After 3 days on this island I noticed couple of things. There are many French tourists and extremely few to none Asians. Since Asians are rarely seen AND on top of it I have pink hair, I was drawing too much attentions… Surprisingly, locals seems to be a bit conservative than I expected. I was in my sleevless top and the hotel manager requested me to cover my shoulder. Like have you never seen any shoulders before?! I respect the culture so I listened and changed to my $9.99 tropical shirt from Forever 21 men.

September 2nd
Day of the game. Woke up early to prepare my body and headed to the beach. I've loving this life stye! I feel the power of nature and rejuvenated with organic Vitamin D.
I'm in love with the CoCo~ I bough this coco from a man on this crazy hand made boat full of fruits. He's the real pirates of the Caribbean except he's probably not.

September 3rd
Last day on the island. Five shades darker with 100 rum punches later (probably just 10), my body was sore EVERYWHERE. Go some random bruises and scratches from the on-water obstacle courses as well. As much as I will miss this island, I'm ready to go home, LA. Where my real life is at. But guess what? My trip lasted longer than I expected. When I arrived in a Miami, customs stopped me to check my immigration document and I had to miss my flight. AND it was the last one to LA for the day. So I had to stay in Miami for the night and catch the flight the next morning. By the time I got home, it was 27h from when I left the hotel in St. Lucia.
Just like I wrote on the first day, all the casts are bonded real strong. It's like we will have our first reunion tomorrow! I appreciate everybody who made this trip possible.

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