Because I was not born in the US – EB-1 green card

If I were born in the US, my life would have been x100 easier without any doubt.

I am currently staying in the states with a pending EB-1 green card case. EB-1 green cards are issued for individuals who've accomplished in some fields such as science, entertainment and sports. Very small numbers are issued every year and easiest way to describe is it's what Justin Bieber has.

As I introduced you guys on my featured blog post "Welcome to Planet RiRia", I am a multi international award winning classical flutist who started her professorial career at the age of 10. Some of these accomplishment led me to the EB-1 green card eligibility.

I know that there are many of you who are not US citizen and pursuing their dreams. I'm hoping to be your help. Sharing is caring.

There are multiple processes to this application.

1. "Extraordinary ability" petition I-140
Cost: $580 to USCIS
Time: 6-8months
(Can be expedited to 2weeks with $1280 additional fee)

2. "Adjustment of status" application I-485
Cost: $1070 to USCIS
Time: 6-8months

3. Employee authorization & travel permit card request
Time: You can file this with I-485. The card arrives with in 3-5months.

4. Medical exam
Cost: $180-$300 to USCIS authorized doctors

5. Biometric

6. Interview at USCIS

I started preparing for my application October 2015, and I am final on the final process. Can't wait to not have any hard time working as a legal immigrant soon.

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