My basic makeup items

I always get asked for what make up I use for my basic look so here are my current daily basic makeup items.

Wow me with black hair?!

RiRia's face profile
Skin type: Regular
Skin tone: light yellow tone
Eyebrow: Thin hair and poor
Eyes: Asian double lids
Eye lashes: Thin and straight
Dark spots/ blemishes: Light
Nose: Little to no bone between eyes
Lips: full
Face shape: Oval-long

Click on product names for more information.

1. Foundation –SEPHORA 10h wear perfection foundation in #18 Clair light $20

I would recommend this one for non oily person. Wear is pretty long for its affordable price. I used to use M.A.C liquid foundation but the consistency was a bit too light for a good coverage so I tested this Sephora brand. 2/3 to a pump applying with a beauty blender gives the full coverage.

2. Beauty blender – Non specific brand purchased from Marshal's $5

You don't need a fancy $20 sponge. This one does the do. I like ones with tear drop shape as I can use the wide side for foundation and the angled side for concealer and contouring. Make sure to clean completely after every use. You don't want mold on ya face.

3. Contour –SEPHORA Bronzing face powder in #3 medium $17

Contouring is the most important part of makeup for me. I want to look natural but defined. I use this pressed powder on my cheekbone, hair line and nose. After applying with a brush, lightly tap the applied part with beauty blender to blend it in. Little bit makes a huge difference.

4. Concealer –M.A.C. Pro longwear concealer in NC15 $23

I've been a fan of this product since 2014. I apply this to under eyes, nose and defining eyebrow shape. One 2/3 to pump covers all. I don't like cakey face so I usually lightly. Only downside is that it's hard to use up the product without wasting. I usually pop off the cap with butter knife when the product is short but it can put you use in danger just saying.

5. Eyebrow pencil –K-pallet (Japanese brand) 3 way eyebrow pencil $17

I LOVE DOING MY BROWS. Brow shapes can change your face so much. I like drawing mine arched and medium width. They make me look sharp. This product has eyebrow pencil, powder and brush all in one. AND it's water proof. You can wear it to the gym, pool, beach etc… and your brows are still there fleeking!! You can purchase this online or little tokyo if you are in LA.

6. Setting powder –REVOLUTION luxury baking powder in Banana $8

For a flawless finish, brush on this guy at the end of your makeup sessi. I don't "bake" my face like some IG makeup gurus because it makes me look too cakey but little amount can make me look like an oil free poreless doll.

7. Eyeshadow pallet –Lime crime Venus pallet $34

This is one of the only pallets which I like every single color on it almost equally. Really good pigmentation and combination of shimmer and matte shades. Looks great on any skin tone. I like applying "Rebirth" very lightly for a natural look and use "Icon" for my eyebrows!

8. Lashes –DoDo lashes D306 3D styles $12

I am all about wispy and semi dolly lashes. Since I have very straight and thin natural lashes, mascara never lifts and curls my lashes. I stopped using mascara 2 years ago and only wear faux lashes now. These are made with 100% mink (so not for you vegan folks) so it looks like real lashes. When I'm not feeling to use this $12 pair, I use Trio Lashes from Kiss I Envy. Those are trio stuck of individual lashes and gives very natural look.

9. Lash glue –DUP Eyelashes fixer EX $10

I swear by this glue and so as many make up artists I've worked on set with! It's water proof and literary turns your faux lashes into one day extensions. It says to dry well before applying but my trick is to not dry it too much for even more strength. Can be purchased online or stores in Little tokyo.

10. High lighter –Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Sun Dipped $40

I'm new to this product but I've been in love! FYI I used to use Becca high lighter in champagne pop and I liked it a lot. But this Glow Kit pallet cost almost the same with Becca but comes with 4 shades! I use them all to give some dimensions on my cheekbone. I love applying the shade "Summer" on my inner corner for some POP!

11. Cheek –Bella Vi Cool Suede Blusher $50

My friend gifted me a while ago and started using this after I ran out of my MAC blush. I love the shade and how softly it gives my cheek some color. I was honestly surprised by the price and wouldn't buy it myself but it looks like the product has a lot of use so I actually recommend it.

12. Lip stick –Neutrogina moisture smooth color stick in #90 classic nude $10

I always discover some of the best cosmetics on set. A makeup artist used this lip stick on me and it made my lips just the way I wanted. Shade, texture and how it keeps my lips nice and moisture is perfect. I bring it everywhere for touch up and I'm on my second one already!

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