Hip LA night life

  What are you in a mood for tonight? Good music? Experimental drink? Mingle with some creative people or just wanna have a blast?! Whatever it is I got you.  Here is the guid to your hip night life in LA. 

1. Tenants of Trees 2808 Hyperion Ave, LA, CA 90027

 A lot of moto jackets, witch hats and fur jackets are seen in this place. They usually have DJs spinning vinyls at the main room/ open patio area and top 40 at the VIP section. This is the first ever bar I’ve been in my life and it was on the night of my birthday. They made me wait for 7min outside until the clock hits 12am, but the wait was worth it! Their original cocktail drinks are around $12. My favorite is called “Teenage love”. It’s an iced tee based drink with some hint of fruit flavors. Yum. Celebs like The Weeknd is spotted here too. 

2. Breakroom 86 630 S Ardmore Ave, LA, CA 90005

  All 80s dance off? We are talking about Wednesday nights at Breakroom 86! Enter through the hidden door, they will take you back to good old times with live bands’ performances and private karaoke rooms! To top it off, there is an ice cream truck at the exit. Their whiskey infused ice cream sandwich is a BOMB. You don’t want to miss this out. 

3. 1 OAK 
9039 W Sunset Blvd, LA, CA 90069

 “…Ended up at 1 OAK”. If you are looking for 1 Of A Kind upscale clubbing experience, head to 1 OAK on their event nights. A lot of album release parties and celebs B-day events are held here. It’s best if you know their promoters to get an easy access but you can still wait in line to get in.  Dress to impress and and be ready for some crazy night out. 

4. Girl At A White Horse 1532 N Western Ave, LA, CA 90027

  Hot and New! Owned by the same people with Tenants of Trees. Interior is very LA like and unique. Got this vibe of an understated warehouse party. Their drinks are dangerously good too. My favorite is this frozen grapefruits and RosĂ© drink which comes in a plastic lidded cup with thick straw just like a smoothie! Good up and coming DJs are found here. 

5. Blind Dragon 9201 W Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA

  Are you a fan of Bruce Lee? Or all oriental good stuff? Go to Blind Dragon, hidden on the Sunset Strip.  This luxurious Asian themed lounge offers not only unique Asian/ tropical drinks and small bites but also private karaoke rooms. You will always find some young and fashion forward clouds here.  Make your night happen. 

-RiRia- Instagram

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