July favorites

  July always got my love. Pool parties, sipping on rosé=summer water with tanned skin. Time to bring inner color out and be playful. 

  Here are some of my favorites of the month of July

1. Fashion: Juicy couture velour track pants

  I wear these with bathing suit/bodysuit, white tank and clashes color hoodies. I love how these are super comfy and soft yet thin enough for summer. I purchased these back in 2013, when their physical store still existed in Santa Monica, CA. However, I totally see Juicy Couture’s come back with their current collab with Urban Outfitters. 

2. Beauty: DIY Fiji water x hyaluronic acid facial spray

  You always want to look fresh and hydrated wherever you go. I carry this DIY facial spray everywhere. I usually mix 3-4 drops of pure hyaluronic acid extract (you can buy online for $10) with chilled Fiji water and put in an empty travel size spray bottle I purchased from Japanese $1 store, DAISO. Cost is less than $2! Spray on whenever you need some refreshment!

3. Music: Losin Control/ Russ

  I’m usually not a huge fan of late nigh chill vibe songs but this one got me two thumbs up. Super relaxing and easy listening beat. Apparatly Russ wrote this song for his first girlfriend as an apology. I might have forgiven my first BF if he ever wrote a song like this to me. 

4. Movie: Spider-Man Homecoming 

  I’m super critical when it comes to super hero movies. Spider-Man is like my first crush. He attracts me the most out of all those heros because he is one of the only non-natural born super heres and he gives me this hope that I can be a hero too. All though the original Spider-Man (played by Tobey Maguire) always got my heart, I felt like the new Spider-Man was very driven and had more comic-y feel. 

Hollywooder side note: My friend was up on the 7th round of Spider-Man audition. He is this blue eyed good looking dude whose even graduated high school in NY.  It’s ironic how they ended up choosing a British actor and made him go to high school in NY under covered. 

5. Food: Avocado & Quinoa Ensalada from Mendocino farm 

  I got this by an accident the other day and absolutely LOVED it. Super nutritious with quinoa, kale and big scoop of avocado. I usually order with no cheese and side of chipotle vinegrette. Decent potion without protein but side order of chicken goes really well with it. 
6. Hot spot: KCRWLA Chinatown summer nights 

This one limits to LA but if you are here during the summer, try to catch this block party in Chinatown! Lot of good DJs with KCRWLA (mostly good hiphop), amazing food trucks and confetti filled streets. There are two hip bars on the same block. General lee’s and Grand star jazz club. They both bring surprise guest DJs every first Saturdays of the month. I caught The Baka Boyz performing last time and it was a total blast! ​


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