What’s it really like to be a Hollywood actor? ①

 “Hollywood actors/ actresses”. They sound like billion dollar makers, don’t they? But in a reality, ANYONE can be an actor/actress in Hollywood. But only once in trillion stars has the chance and luck to really shine.

  I’ve been in the “industry” since late 2015. To be honest, acting god has always been smiling at me. One of my first gig was to be on Taylor Swift’s biggest drop, “Bad Blood” music video. I was one of the minions to walk with Selena Gomez. My face was covered in this cool looking but annoying mask. Damn, you don’t see my face in this epic shot. Even to play this tiny role, I went through auditions. 

When it’s a big project like such, they don’t disclose who the artist is or what you are auditioning for until you get on set. Us actors always have some fun time guessing around the juicy details from some tiniest info we are given. 

  By the way, being on set does not always promise me the golden ticket to actually end up on final cut. I tend to make it 90% of the time but I’ve witnessed some really sad cases. Especially for commercials, the pay is REALLY deferred depending on whether I end up on final edit or not.  My time and effort on set can be all wasted. But I can tell you. YOU ARE ALWAYS WATCHED on set. I’m going to say this again. YOU ARE ALWAYS WATCHED. 👀

  That being said, chances are always around. The harder you work the luckier you get. My journey continues🚀


On the set for a major credit card company commercial 

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