Welcome to Planet RiRia

Congratulation. You have officially landed on Planet RiRia.

This is RiRia’s story.

You may hardly guess from my hot pink hair and how I dress, but I am a multi international award winning classical flutist, actor/model and fashion curator who’s originally from Tokyo, Japan.

I moved to Los Angeles 5 years ago, when I was 17yo, all on my own to chase my biggest dream. I came to LA without having language to call my own. I had no family neither friends in the US.

But I always had music and art/fashion. Performing and art is the true universal language and what feeds my souls the most. I use these tools to express, communicate and share the moment with people with different backgrounds and cultures. In performing and art, there are no rules. In my opinion, there is no “better than the other” situation either. We all have our rights to express the way we want. Be unique. Be bold. Be the new wave! That’s why I never fit in a box. There is always the first person to do everything. I want to always be that person and and this is how I break my boundaries.

Here is my interview with CBC in 2015 and this was just the beginning of Planet RiRia.

Why don’t you join the journey?

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Planet RiRia

  1. You’re an incredible artist! As a new college student unknowing of what I want to do with my artistic talent, your page has greatly inspired me to get into graphic design and discover what I truly want to make a living off of. You’re creativity and bright personality shine through your unique work and incredible fashion sense. xo

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