Welcome to Planet RiRia

Congratulation. You have officially landed on Planet RiRia. This is RiRia’s story. You may hardly guess from my hot pink hair and how I dress, but I am a multi international award winning classical flutist, actor/model and fashion curator who’s originally from Tokyo, Japan. I moved to Los Angeles 5 years ago, when I was […]

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My basic makeup items

I always get asked for what make up I use for my basic look so here are my current daily basic makeup items. Wow me with black hair?! RiRia's face profile Skin type: RegularSkin tone: light yellow toneEyebrow: Thin hair and poor Eyes: Asian double lids Eye lashes: Thin and straight Dark spots/ blemishes: LightNose: […]

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Hip LA night life

  What are you in a mood for tonight? Good music? Experimental drink? Mingle with some creative people or just wanna have a blast?! Whatever it is I got you.  Here is the guid to your hip night life in LA.  1. Tenants of Trees 2808 Hyperion Ave, LA, CA 90027  A lot of moto jackets, […]

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July favorites

  July always got my love. Pool parties, sipping on rosé=summer water with tanned skin. Time to bring inner color out and be playful.    Here are some of my favorites of the month of July 1. Fashion: Juicy couture velour track pants   I wear these with bathing suit/bodysuit, white tank and clashes color hoodies. […]

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Fifty shades of PINK

  What is your monthly tradition? Mine has been refreshing my hair for past 4 years. I went from dark brown to platinum blonde 4 years ago. It took me 10h and 5 bleaches to achieve the color I wanted. After a while I toned it down with silver grey color. It was before the […]

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