Welcome to Planet RiRia

Congratulation. You have officially landed on Planet RiRia. This is RiRia’s story. You may hardly guess from my hot pink hair and how I dress, but I am a multi international award winning classical flutist, actor/model and fashion curator who’s originally from Tokyo, Japan. I moved to Los Angeles 5 years ago, when I was […]

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Hate crime “POC to POC”

Topic about racism/ hate crime I just had a craziest Lyft ride. I shared the ride with 2 black person (I don’t like this work but I’m using it only for a  describing purpose) and here is our conversation through out the ride. I know this is a sensitive topic but made me think about […]

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I am an actor, not an actress

I am an actor, not an actress Have you ever wondered why we name some jobs by gender? Waiter and waitress, host and hostess, hero and heroine… Actor and actress is one of the example too. In fact, I usually introduce myself as an “actor”. “You mean an actress, because you are a girl?” People […]

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St. Lucia journal

I 👏🏻 love 👏🏻 my 👏🏻 job 👏🏻!I recently had an opportunity to visit St. Lucia, a tiny Caribbean island, for a reality TV filming. All paid trip to a beautiful tropical island. Actually, can you pinch me? Because I might have been in my dream. I remember I used to own this cute Lisa […]

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My basic makeup items

I always get asked for what make up I use for my basic look so here are my current daily basic makeup items. Wow me with black hair?! RiRia's face profile Skin type: RegularSkin tone: light yellow toneEyebrow: Thin hair and poor Eyes: Asian double lids Eye lashes: Thin and straight Dark spots/ blemishes: LightNose: […]

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